(one) drink mood. 

(two) warm wine and drink Intake more life-threatening. But methanol boiling point is 64.7 ℃, 78.3 ℃ lower than the boiling point of ethanol, using boiling water or alcohol fire heating, it will become a gas evaporation. Acetaldehyde is mainly composed of wine smell spicy factors, excessive inhalation will appear dizziness drunken phenomenon, but its boiling point is only 21 ℃, volatile with a little hot water can make. At the same time, in the process of heating in the wine, alcohol will be volatile, so, harmful ingredients in wine is intercalated little Ding many, the damage to the human body is less. Of course, the wine temperature but also can not be too high, drinking wine is overheating, one is physical injury, two ethanol volatilization is too much, the good wine also does not have flavour. 

(three) "drink will be small pharyngeal" 

(four) do not drink 

(five) fasting do not drink 

(six) do not drink strong 

(seven) drink less tea