Hongkong can become the Asian Wine Center

Since Hongkong * * * to cancel Wine tax, the rapid development of Wine market, have achieved substantial growth every year. According to Lin XX, * * * * in the first three quarters, Hongkong Wine gross import value of HK $7330000000, up 57% over the same period last year; and in the Wine exports, Hongkong Wine the first three quarters of exports amounted to HK $1490000000, up 68.2% over the same period last year, Hongkong had become the world's Wine trade hub, but also become the best platform Wine enterprises to develop the Asian market. Hongkong is able to achieve Wine in just a few years of prosperity, the abolition of all Wine tax is one of the important measures for the. 

Because it does not impose any value added tax, goods and services tax, Hongkong became the first Wine duty-free port main economic system in the world, at the same time undo all relevant and Wine tax clear pass / administrative control measures, the tax Wine import and export more convenient, and provides convenience for the seller and the buyer. In addition, the Hongkong local not wine producing region, in the sale and promotion Wine article source for Chinese wine in a neutral position, while relying on Hongkong for more than forty years of Wine trade experience, make Hongkong and the real estate wine and vineyards close of business, which provides guarantee for the development and prosperity of Hongkong grape wine market. The Hungarian Wine board Zhi Wei International Limited General Manager He Yuzhi think, Hongkong to become Asia Wine center, and the Hongkong people understand wine, wine will have great relations.

Hongkong people understand the Asian diet and taste, and there are a large number of proficient in English senior professionals, the Hong Kong people are particularly fond Wine, collocation way to Wine, and long time influence character by environment promotion, also let the Hong Kong Catering Enterprises in the wine and Food made model, become a model for studying Asian restaurant.

Latent decoding import Wine.
In the face of imported Wine current fierce, aims at explaining the phenomenon and essence between still has a big gap. The surface of the phenomenon is a reflection of nature, but this is not very accurate, always swinging in the nature around. As a commercial behavior, the maximization of profit need to trace the essence through the phenomenon can be achieved. The contact process of * * * * merchants and import Wine, also as a game, each party wants to borrow much potential to grow their own, of course, the results will also have a lot of kinds: mutual benefit, mutual damage, loss of the. Standing on the narrow nationalism standpoint, a lot of people want to * * * * business profit. Of course, to make a profit is a good look, if you want your dreams to come true, you must truly understand the import of Wine latent password.


High-end liquor prices boost the wine market prosperity

In recent years, every holiday, high-end liquor prices seems to be a kind of inertia. * * * * announced that, from the * * *, improve product ex factory price, or up to 30%. And * * * this year's retail price has been dealers improve several times. 

In this environment, wine market is gradually warming. Many businesses or individuals to buy large quantities of foreign wine Zhuang Wine or buy wine products. * * * * winery and even some of the strength of the Foodstuff Trading Co, began to get involved in the wine business. The high-end wine market continued prosperity and the expected market prices continue to be consolidated, boost the development of * * * wine business, with a stable price increases space, investment professionals interested enough to invest in wine, in this year of inertial price market environment, wine business is logical development.